Accessing the iov42 Identity Manager

This section describes how to access the iov42 Identity Manager after it has been installed.

Since the iov42 Identity Manager will contain all of your iov42 digital identities, it is password-protected.

Therefore, when you first launch the extension, you will be asked to set a password:

Please ensure that you set a password that you can easily remember, as all of the identity data will be encypted with it. This means that the only way to access the identities stored in the browser extension is by entering a correct password. Read more about identity backups for cases where your forget your password here.

After you have set your password, you will be asked to enter it again to unlock the browser extension:

Once you have entered the correct password, you will end up on the main window of the iov42 Identity Manager:

Locking the extension

To prevent unauthorised access to the iov42 Identity Manager, you can click on the lock button in the top right corner:

This will lock the extension and ask the user to enter a password to access it.

In the next section, we will explore how to create your first identity, or import already existing identities.

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