Proofs on the iov42 Platform

Find out how iov42 links transactions proofs to ensure immutability.


  • Immutability and resilience of iov42 network is built through a ever-growing mesh of transaction proofs

  • Proofs are generated during the consensus process


Conventional approach to blockchain immutability:

  • “Blocks” of data are linked together in a single chain

  • Each block has a unique hash that captures data from the preceding block

  • To alter one block, one must also change all subsequent blocks in the chain, which is extremely difficult

iov42 approach to platform immutability:

  • Platform immutability and resilience is achieved through building a mesh of transaction proofs

A proof on the iov42 platform consists of:

  • The original transaction, signed by the initiating identity

  • The cryptographically signed result of every step in the consensus process that approved the transaction

  • Cryptographic links to the previous proofs that involved the assets and identities of the current transaction

The process of generating proof is outlined in Phase 3 of the “Consensus” article.

Building a Proofmesh

During the consensus process, the signature for the previous successful proofs involving the assets and identities are looked up and combined with all the votes for the batch.

Each proof is linked to a set of previous proofs concerning the identities and assets involved in the transaction; the proof will then go on to be linked with other proofs as subsequent transactions are processed. This creates a mesh of interlinked transactions, as opposed to a single chain.

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