Learn more identities, the core of the iov42 platform.


  • Having an iov42 identity is required to perform any operation on the platform


iov42 identity: A representation of someone or something that can:
  • Own an asset
  • Interact with the platform
Each iov42 identity consists of:
  • A unique identifier
  • A public/private key pair.
Each platform user is responsible for safeguarding his or her private key, while the public key is linked to the user’s unique identifier. A private key must be provided to verify one’s iov42 identity before carrying out operations on the platform, ensuring security and accountability.
iov42 identities can also be extended with claims, e.g. a residential address or birth date. When these claims are cryptographically endorsed by trusted authorities, e.g. banks or government offices, (e.g. governments, banks, etc), the trustworthiness of a given identity is enhanced.