Delegate Identities

Learn how iov42 supports the delegation of authority throughout an organisation.


  • The iov42 platform supports the creation of delegated identities

  • An identity authorizes a delegated identity to perform operations on its behalf

  • Delegated identities cannot create further delegated identities


Delegated identities can perform the following operations on behalf of the delegator:

  • Make claims

  • Endorse claims

  • Create asset types

  • Create instances of unique assets

  • Transfer, exchange assets


  1. Joe Bloggs claims he has a bachelor’s degree from Crypto University.

  2. Claim is sent to Crypto University for endorsement.

  3. Main Crypto University identity has previously delegated authority to endorse / deny claims about bachelor degrees to select employees of the undergraduate records office.

  4. Delegated identity creates endorsement for Joe’s claim

Delegated identities cannot create further delegated identities. This prevents situations in which the most recent delegated identity loops the chain of command back to the original delegating authority.

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