Installing the iov42 Identity Manager

This section describes where to find and how to install the iov42 Identity Manager.

Currently, the iov42 Identity Manager extension is only available for the Chrome web browser. We are currently working on making it available for Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers.

Step 1

To install the iov42 Identity Manager browser extension, follow the link to the Chrome Web Store: link.

Step 2

Once on the browser extension page, click "Add to Chrome".

Step 3

Confirm adding the extension to your browser, after which it will show up in the top right corner of your browser window.

By default, the extension will be hidden in the "Extensions" menu (puzzle icon). In order to make it always available in the extensions row, click on the puzzle icon and click on the pin icon next to the iov42 Identity Manager extension:

In the next section we explore how to access the browser extension once it has been installed.

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